Becoming a Fair Work Nation: consultation - easy read

Easy Read version of the consultation seeking views on the action you think needs to be taken to achieve our vision of Scotland becoming a Fair Work Nation.

What does a Fair Work Nation look like by 2025?

The Scottish Government believes Fair Work should be available for all workers. Fair Work is key to making productive and forward thinking workplaces. They will deliver worker wellbeing.

Government and partners have a role in making Scotland a Fair Work Nation. It benefits people and communities as much as employers and the economy.

We will build on the principles of healthy economic growth, ending inequalities, and a green recovery, this means meeting climate change targets and environment aims.

We will work with employers to create the conditions needed to deliver all our goals.

How workers see work effects all their life. Fair Work means having financial security and better physical health and mental wellbeing. It means equal opportunities at work. It lets people enjoy a place of no bullying and discrimination, this helps people live happier lives.

We know that the best decisions for workers and employers are made together. We know that jobs should be secure. Secure jobs let people have choice and control. This reduces stress.

Fair Work means different things to different people. Everyone should be able to get and keep a good job. This will mean a secure and good retirement.

Many employers in Scotland already have Fair Work policies. They provide safe and secure workplaces. They have positive workplaces and staff have their voices heard.

It is better for employers to have respected and committed staff. Staff do their job better and stay in the job. It can also improve wellbeing. Fair Work supports a more committed and skilled workforce.

Working with our partners to deliver plans we will:

  • improve key issues such as employment and pay gaps for women, minority ethnic and disabled workers. Build a more diverse and skilled workforce
  • roll-out of Fair Work First across the Scottish public sector. To help improve the working conditions for those delivering public services
  • improve the voice of workers
  • have better pay, conditions and secure jobs. More flexible and family friendly working
  • improve worker wellbeing, Have safer workplaces with less accidents
  • a skills system that helps people in their career.



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