Becoming a Fair Work Nation: consultation - easy read

Easy Read version of the consultation seeking views on the action you think needs to be taken to achieve our vision of Scotland becoming a Fair Work Nation.


People in Scotland should have a good working life. Fair Work pushes success and wellbeing.

The pandemic and leaving the EU mean it is the right time to look at the challenges and actions needed. It is important to work across the government and with all our partners.

We must focus on the inequalities that damage society and workplaces. We want to get rid of poverty and discrimination. Opportunities should be for everyone.

We want Scotland to be more inclusive and equal. People and communities feel valued, included and empowered.

We have a 10-year plan. This will help us transform. Scotland will continue to work towards an economy with Fair Work.

Working with partners we have seen improvements. However the next few years are important to develop. We want to become a Fair Work Nation. We can get this right with your support and help.

We are asking for views on how to make Scotland a Fair Work Nation. This will help us update our plans in 2022.



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