Bail supervision: national guidance

This document provides revised guidance for the operation of bail supervision setting out standards and expectations to support the consistent delivery of the service across Scotland.

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Annex 4 Bail Supervision Suitability Assessment Report

URN/CHS number

[insert local recording system] reference number






Solicitor (if known) (name/company/no.)

Date of assessment

Current court order/licence and Supervising Officer details, if applicable:


Date of court

Summary or solemn procedure

PF reference

Currently remanded



Currently on bail



If yes, number of bail acts:

Special conditions (if applicable):

Details of current charges:

Details of outstanding charges/court appearances:

Basis of assessment/sources of information:


  • Type of accommodation
  • How long resident
  • Who else resides there
  • Stability
  • Suitability (e.g. provides for safe and stable living)


  • Relationships
  • Children and/or other caring responsibilities
  • Are they a care leaver
  • Peers
  • Supports, including professional supports


  • Nature of employment/education
  • Pattern
  • Financial circumstances
  • Likely impact of remand/supervision on these

Health, including mental health:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Trauma

Substance use:

Offending history:

(including number of previous convictions)

Offence type Yes/No () Additional information
Child protection    
Assault/other violence    
Road traffic    
Public order    
Bail contraventions    

Public protection issues: (including child protection, adult protection, domestic abuse, victim/witness concerns where known and any impact on suitability for bail supervision)

Any risks to staff: YES/NO

If yes, can these be managed and in what ways?

Previous failure(s) to appear/absconding and implications for bail supervision:

Previous response to supervision and implications for bail supervision:

Initial areas of change for Bail Supervision Management Plan
Area of change Yes/No ( or x) Additional information
Other substance use    
Mental health    
Physical health    
Use of time    

Willingness/motivation to agree to conditions:

Willingness/motivation to address areas of change:

Provisional bail supervision management plan:

[comprising the areas identified above]

Conclusion and recommendation:

[insert name] has been assessed as suitable/not suitable for bail supervision based on the following:

e.g. - agreed/did not agree to engage with the Bail Supervision Management Plan

- suitable accommodation and supports/unsuitable accommodation

[Suggested paragraph if suitable: [insert name] has been interviewed with a view to assessing his/her suitability for Bail Supervision. [insert name] is assessed as suitable for bail supervision due to the following factors [note these]. The terms and conditions of this have been fully explained to [insert name], as were the implications of breaching such an order. [insert name] advises he/she fully understands what is required and agrees to comply with these conditions.]

If granted, the first bail supervision appointment will be on: [insert date and time] at [insert location].





Conditions of Bail Supervision pro-forma (part of assessment template)

Conditions of Bail Supervision

Name: Date of birth:

In addition to the conditions outlined in the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995, I (the above named), agree to adhere to the conditions outlined below, in accordance with [insert name of local authority]'s bail supervision service:

1. The terms and conditions of my bail have been fully explained to me, as were the implications of breaching such an order and any of the conditions. I understand that attempting to interfere with, threaten witnesses, or fail to comply with special conditions will result in an automatic breach and my arrest and return to court. I fully understand what is required, agree to comply with these conditions and understand the consequences of failure to comply.

2. I will adhere to the reporting conditions as instructed by the bail supervision worker.

3. I understand that any unexplained or unarranged absences will be viewed as a breach of bail unless a medical certificate or other relevant evidence is produced.

4. I will arrive at the times stipulated in my reporting instructions and understand that any variation in this arrangement must be agreed in advance with my supervising officer.

5. I will be of good behaviour and understand that abusive language or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated by staff and may result in breach of my bail conditions.

6. I will not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and understand that staff will report any concerns regarding my substance use to the court at the end of the bail period.

7. I consent to bail supervision staff communicating as necessary with relevant agencies (e.g. my solicitor; housing; drug and alcohol services; employment services; medical services) as part of my bail supervision support and monitoring.

8. Domicile of Citation/Condition of Residence [Delete as appropriate]

I will reside at the following address and understand that I must inform my bail supervision worker (and legal representative if appointed) before any change in this arrangement can be made:

Signed: Date

Witnessed by: Date:



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