Bail supervision: national guidance

This document provides revised guidance for the operation of bail supervision setting out standards and expectations to support the consistent delivery of the service across Scotland.

Annex 6 Outline of the Justice Outcomes Star

Footnote [30]

The Outcomes Star is a suite of collaborative, person-centred tools for supporting and measuring change when working with people. It includes versions for young people, families, people with learning disabilities, and people involved with the justice system.

The Justice Star is a version of the Outcomes Star developed for people in the criminal justice system - specifically those in the community, on short custodial sentences, or approaching release from custody. It is based on principles of empowerment, collaboration, and integration.

The Justice Star has a ten-point scale arranged in a star shape. Each point on each scale has detailed descriptors setting out the attitudes and behaviour typical of that point. Underpinning these scales is a model of change (the Journey of Change) describing the steps towards the end goal that both the service and person are trying to achieve.

The ten areas of the Justice Star are:

1. Accommodation

2. Living skills and self-care

3. Mental health and well-being

4. Friends and community

5. Relationships and family

6. Parenting and caring

7. Drugs and alcohol

8. Positive use of time

9. Managing strong feelings

10. A crime-free life

With the Justice Star, the end goal is self-reliance so that the person no longer needs the support of a professional service – this will be important if the Justice Star is utilised for those subject to bail supervision and working towards the bail supervision period coming to an end.

The Justice Star is both a keywork tool, supporting effective interventions, and an outcomes tool, giving management data on outcomes achieved. Because of this dual role, it brings together measurement and service delivery and can provide a shared language and framework across operational delivery and performance management/quality assurance processes.



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