Animal slaughter: guidance on the use of mandatory CCTV

Guidance to help business operators of slaughterhouses comply with the Mandatory Use of Closed Circuit Television in Slaughterhouses (Scotland) Regulations 2020.

You should select an appropriate CCTV system to comply with the CCTV Regulations.

The CCTV Regulations do not define CCTV system requirements so we recommend that you pay attention to relevant British Standards. You can find details of British Standards for CCTV installations at: standards-for-the-cctv-industry. These include:

  • British Standard on the minimum requirements for a Video Surveillance System (BS EN 62676-1-1) (PDF, 12.3KB, 1 page)
  • British Standard on requirements for the selection, planning, installation, commissioning, maintaining and testing of CCTV systems (BS EN 62676-4) (PDF, 12.4KB, 1 page)
  • British Standard on security, performance and connectivity of video transmissions (BS EN 62676-1-2) (PDF, 11.7KB, 1 page)
  • British Standard on the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, operation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV (BS8418) (PDF, 11.7KB, 1 page)


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