Animal slaughter: guidance on the use of mandatory CCTV

Guidance to help business operators of slaughterhouses comply with the Mandatory Use of Closed Circuit Television in Slaughterhouses (Scotland) Regulations 2020.

You must retain and store each day’s CCTV recordings for at least 90 days. After you have stored an image for 90 days it can be deleted.

Your CCTV system must be capable of storing, processing and transmitting (for example moving to removable storage devices or showing on a television monitor) images and information of the same quality as the original recording. Although not a specific legal requirement, the ability to easily provide copies of the original recording to a storage device when requested by an authorised person is strongly recommended.

Slaughterhouse staff picked by you, such as the Animal Welfare Officer, should have a working knowledge of the storing, processing and transmitting capabilities of the CCTV system.

You should have all necessary access codes and passwords available to facilitate access, subject to an FBO’s other statutory obligations, to the stored CCTV images and information for the authorised person. For your own reassurance you may wish to have a representative present when authorised persons view, copy or seize recordings or equipment.

You should seek advice from your CCTV system supplier for appropriate storage solutions that meet the requirements of the CCTV Regulations.


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