Animal slaughter: guidance on the use of mandatory CCTV

Guidance to help business operators of slaughterhouses comply with the Mandatory Use of Closed Circuit Television in Slaughterhouses (Scotland) Regulations 2020.


You commit an offence if you do not:

  • install a CCTV system that provides a complete and clear image of killing in all areas of the slaughterhouse where live animals are present
  • operate a CCTV system capable of constant recording. It must be able to produce images and information for inspection or to be taken away by an authorised person, without stopping the overall operation of the system
  • keep your CCTV system operational and in good working order when live animals are present
  • operate a CCTV system capable of storing, processing and transmitting images and information of the same quality as the original recording for 90 days from the date of capture

An offence is committed if you or your staff do not comply with an enforcement notice.

You also commit an offence if you:

  • stop an authorised person in the execution of their duties
  • do not provide assistance or information without delay
  • do not allow an authorised person access to the CCTV system without delay
  • provide information that may be false or cause an authorised person to be misled in their investigations
  • fail to provide a document, record, images, information or data to an authorised person without delay when requested


If you are found guilty of an offence you may be required to pay a fine on conviction. This fine may not exceed le


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