A changing nation: how Scotland will thrive in a digital world

This strategy sets out the measures which will ensure that Scotland will fulfil its potential in a constantly evolving digital world.

Part Three: Digital Government and Services

As we become a truly digital nation, the nature of government, at a national and local level, will change. The people we serve expect services that are responsive and tailored to their needs and they expect to hold us to account for the quality and efficiency of these services. This requires us to both re-think how we design and deliver services and change the operating model of the organisations that provide them. 

Image of a young woman holding a tablet computer

We will:

  • Design services around the needs of our users and enable users to play a full and active part in the design process.
  • Design digital public services with security built in from the outset.
  • Adopt a common approach to online identity where personal data is controlled by the individual.
  • Place national and local government at the heart of an ecosystem of organisations, across the public, private and third sector, working together in new and different ways to meet public needs.
  • Commit to using common digital and data standards that enable us to work across boundaries and deliver personalised and preventive services.
  • Use common operating platforms for the processes that are common across Government and enable our resources to be focussed on front line service delivery.
  • Be data driven, using data systematically to improve decision making, saving time, money and lives.
  • Stimulate innovation through innovative procurement and the availability of non-personalised research data.
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