A changing nation: how Scotland will thrive in a digital world

This strategy sets out the measures which will ensure that Scotland will fulfil its potential in a constantly evolving digital world.

Part One: People and Place

Geography, background or ability should not be barriers to getting online and benefiting from digital technology. An ethical digital Scotland will be inclusive, fair and transparent. People must be able to access technology, understand its benefits and limitations, develop the skills they need to be safe and creative online and control how their personal information is used.

Image of an older woman using her mobile phone

We will:

  • bring the most vulnerable with us, and make sure that they have the skills, secure connectivity and devices required to fully participate in our digital nation, ensuring no one is left behind by the changes taking place.
  • recognise that digital and data infrastructure is critical national infrastructure and that this includes far more than physical connections.
  • ensure that every part of Scotland and every community within it can have access to good quality connectivity now and in the future.
  • enhance the democratic process so our communities are empowered to have their say about the services that matter to them.
  • ensure that everyone has the skills they need to thrive in this new digital world, at every stage of life.
  • embed digital learning in every part of our education and training system.
  • keep Scotland at the cutting edge of skills development in new digital technologies and rapidly increase the number of digitally skilled individuals graduating from our universities and colleges each year.
  • agree on an ethical framework, to define the sort of nation we wish to become.
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