Fair Trade in Scotland: review

Explores Scotland’s potential to achieve inclusive growth through the delivery of increased sales and awareness of Fair Trade.

Glossary: Terms and abbreviations used throughout the report

BCorp: Socially responsible business certification, measuring a company's operations and business model (not only its products) against a set of environmental, social and governance criteria

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility: self-regulating business model that supports social accountability

ETI: Ethical Trading Initiative

ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance criteria (usually in relation to finance/ investments)

EU FTAOS: EU Fair Trade Advocacy Office. The FTAO is a joint initiative of Fairtrade International, the World Fair Trade Organization-Global and the World Fair Trade Organization-Europe. Through these three networks the FTAO represents an estimate of 2.5 million Fair Trade producers and workers from 70 countries, 24 labelling initiatives, over 500 Fair Trade importers, 4,000 World Shops and more than 100,000 volunteers.

FairTrade: Refers to the global Fair Trade movement and product which, although they may not have FT mark certification, are produced according to the 10 principles of Fair Trade

FLO: Fairtrade Labelling Organisation

Fairtrade (FT): Fairtrade Mark certification scheme, which independently audits products to assess whether they meet Fairtrade International's definition of Fairtrade. Always one word and abbreviated to FT in this report

'fairly traded'supermarket products: Some major retailers and brands which have withdrawn from the FT mark licensing scheme, have developed their own un-audited 'ethical' offering which are often labelled as 'fairly traded'

FTAs: Free Trade Agreements

FTF: Fairtrade Foundation

FTI: Fairtrade International

FTOs: Fair Trade Organisations (usually social enterprises in some form)

SIDOS: Scotland's International Development Alliance, referred to as the Alliance

SDG: Sustainable Development Goal

SFTF: Scottish Fair Trade Forum, referred to as the Forum

SG: The Scottish Government

WFTO: World Fair Trade Organisation which operates an audited membership scheme, assessing applicants against all the FT Principles. The guarantee membership scheme applies to the whole organisation (not only its products) as a social enterprise. Many handicraft and textile producers are registered with WFTO



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