Fair Trade in Scotland: review

Explores Scotland’s potential to achieve inclusive growth through the delivery of increased sales and awareness of Fair Trade.

Appendix 7: Copy of Fair Trade Campaigner survey

About you

Thank you for participating in this Scottish Government commissioned review of fair trade sales promotion in Scotland. The survey should take a maximum of 20 minutes to complete.

All responses will be anonymised and aggregated and no individual or company identified in our analysis of responses, unless you wish us to do so. You'll be given the option to add your personal details at the end of the survey.

* 1. How would you describe your involvement with fair trade in Scotland?

Please tick as many as apply

  • An individual campaigner
  • Member of FT town/village/area grouping
  • Member of schools FT group
  • Member of FT university or college group
  • Member of a faith based group
  • Involved in Development Education Centres
  • A Co-operative/Scotmid group membe
  • A business with an interest in fair trade

2. Is your involvement in promoting/campaigning for fair trade:

* 3. Where are you/your groupbased?

If possible please use your postcode to answer this question.

* 4. Are you a member of Scottish Fair Trade Forum?

  • Yes
  • No

Fair trade and the international goals for sustainable development (SDGs)

We would like to explore the links between fair trade and the SDGs as well as identify what you consider central to the fair trade message.

* 5. Are you aware of Scottish Government's commitment to the International Goals for Sustainable Development?

* 6. Thinking about potential consumers of fair trade, which of the following Sustainable Development Goals do you think fair trade promotion in Scotland should be most closely aligning itself to?

please rank the following in order of importance to fair trade, where 1 = most important to the fair trade message

  • No poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Gender equality
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Climate change action
  • Responsible consumption and production

7. Additional comments

* 8. How important do you consider the 'social premium' to be (the additional funding to improve producers' economic and social conditions which producers decide how to spend under the FT mark certification scheme) to the message you promote about fairtrade?

  • Central to fair trade message
  • Quite important
  • Not really important
  • A positive extra, but not fundamental to fair trade
  • Other (please specify)

* 9. Which of the following fair trade registered certification marks do you understand to represent fair trade practice?

Please tick as many as apply.

  • Fairtrade Mark (registered certification from the FairTrade Labelling Organisation)
  • WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) Guarantee Scheme
  • Rainforest Alliance UTZ
  • Cocoa Life (Mondolez)
  • Leaf Marque
  • Fairly traded in-store own brands
  • Non-certified but fairly traded direct imports (e.g. Just Trading Scotland rice)
  • Other (please specify)

Your role in campaigning for fair trade

A few questions about your campaigning role and any support you think might help you in these activities.

10. What do you consider to be the main roles that you fulfill as a fairtrade campaigner?

  • Raising awareness of fair trade in your area/sector
  • Fundamentally influencing changes to the way trade works
  • Promoting the purchase of fair trade products
  • Influencing suppliers/retailers to stock fair trade goods
  • Other (please specify)

* 11. What activities do these roles result in you being involved with?

Please tick all that apply

  • Organising promotional FT events (e.g. during FT Fortnight)
  • Raising awareness of fair trade in primary and secondary (high) schools
  • Promoting adoption by commercial businesses or third sector organisations
  • Promoting fair trade in universities or colleges
  • Campaigning for fair trade procurement by public agencies (e.g. NHS, local authorities)
  • Auditing fair trade products available/used in your local area/organisation, in order to achieve 'fair trade status'
  • Lobbying at local authority/regional/national level
  • Increasing sales to benefit producers
  • Other (please specify)

12. If you ticked, 'increasing fair trade sales' please tell us which of the following activities this involves:

Please tick all that apply

  • Raising FT awareness through local media/as a speaker at events/community groups
  • Promoting FT products in major supermarkets (e.g. during FT Fortnight)
  • Selling FT products (at a stall or as a retailer/supplier yourself)
  • Other (please specify)

* 13. To what extent do you/your group consider the following factors as challenges in your efforts to promote fairtrade?

Major challenge / A bit of a challenge / No challenge - we've got it covered / N/A

  • Local authority not engaged
  • No new volunteers coming forward
  • Too few existing (and tired!) volunteers
  • Time commitment involved with auditing required for FT town/school et. Status
  • No digital/social media skills to aid promotion
  • People perceive 'fair trade' to be 'done and dusted' (no more to do)
  • People perceive 'fair trade' as outdated and older concept, compared to climate change etc.
  • Other

14. What additional support (over and above the help you already receive from Scottish Fair Trade Forum) would help you in fulfilling your role more effectively?

Tick all that apply

  • Event management
  • Financial support (project specific)
  • Speaker training
  • Social media promotion on your behalf
  • Social media training
  • Connecting you with other stakeholder groups/campaigners locally as a 'hub'
  • Help in recruiting volunteer campaigners locally
  • Other (please specify)

* 15. Do you sell fair trade products yourself?

If no, go to page 4 of the survey

  • Yes
  • No

16. At which venues/events do you sell fair trade products?

  • Regular local faith group meetings
  • Community events
  • Festivals
  • To friends in my home
  • Regular farmers' markets/commercial events
  • Other (please specify)

17. Please tell us the total value of products you think you sold in the last year (to the least £100).

18. Where do you source your suppliers from?

Please tick all that apply

  • Traidcraft
  • Wholesale distributor (eg. Green City)
  • Direct from importer
  • Local fair trade shop (sale or return)
  • Oxfam
  • Other (please specify)

You and the fair trade consumer

We would like to know more about your views on consumer perceptions of fair trade and how sales might be increased in the light of these.

19. What do you perceive the level of general consumer awareness off air trade to be in Scotland?

Please select one option from the drop down list

20. To what extent do you think each of the following actions could help improve consumer awareness of fair trade?

Vital help / Quite helpful / Would make no difference

  • More advertising focused on fair trade principles
  • Make better use of Scotland's Fair Trade Nation Status
  • Fair trade education in schools is embedded within the curriculum
  • Raising awareness/pressure on public procurers
  • More articles in key sector media promoting fair trade in relevant ways to the audience (e.g. education press)
  • Other (please specify)

21. In your experience as a campaigner, which of the following is the main reason people choose not to buy fair trade products?

Please select one of the responses in the dropdown menu below.

Other (please specify)



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