Fair Trade in Scotland: review

Explores Scotland’s potential to achieve inclusive growth through the delivery of increased sales and awareness of Fair Trade.

Appendix 4: Workshop discussion outputs: 3 October 2019

Workshop 1: Ideas on how suppliers can co-operate with/campaigners to raise awareness & grow sales

  • Complementarity of vegan/local/organic markets: localism a key opportunity (only honey & sugar grown in Scotland)
  • Mixed marketing strategy: juxtaposing positive message on the impact of FT with the negative norm of non-FT practices e.g. T-shirt
  • Import and distribution clearing hub for Scotland?
  • Emphasis on alignment with responsible consumption and quality

Workshop 1: Ideas on how suppliers/retailers can co-operate with/campaigners to raise awareness & grow sales

  • Import and distribution clearing hub for Scotland?
  • Lobby on Fair Trade importance to Climate and Good Food Nation Bills
  • Public sector procurement:
    • support for LAs in accessing FT product ranges
    • making mandatory: FT uniforms/footballs - policy statement from SGovt?
  • Accredited volunteering scheme for young people (DofE etc.)

Workshop 2: Ideas

  • Celebrate breadth and diversity of FT
  • Capturing interest of young people: fashion, phones
  • Campaign on niche products: enabling a simpler change in public and private sector
  • Support for entrepreneurial FTO development: cross fertilisation
  • University entrepreneurial support & education for students: living the values
  • Promoting understanding on what FT criteria mean and disadvantages of in-house certification
  • One Stop web page: what should I ask as a responsible consumer?
  • Independent audit of ethical trade labels
  • 'Make one switch' campaign for Scotland > responsible consumption beyond FT
  • Use Key influencers: women's football

Workshop 3: ideas

  • Recruitment drive for FT campaigners
  • Young people's Fair Trade Internship programme
  • Badge scheme for uniformed youth organisations
  • Mitigation of climate impacts links
  • (Electronics Watch code: EU procurement) been achieved?
  • Lobby within S Parliament and party conferences
  • Producers/ importers education on public procurement/ H&S regulations
  • Supporting positive promotion of retailer adopters
  • FT Towns/cities: overbearing audit requirements for renewal
  • Social media strategy support



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