Fair Trade in Scotland: review

Explores Scotland’s potential to achieve inclusive growth through the delivery of increased sales and awareness of Fair Trade.

Appendix 6: Topic Guides for Qualitative Interviews

Scottish Government Review of Fair Trade Retail Promotion 2019 External Stakeholder topic guide

Note: external stakeholders include FT leaders at Scotland, UK and European level, academics, key FTOs in Scotland and beyond and representatives of special interest group/ social enterprise.

Meteyard and Associates has recently been commissioned by the Scottish Government International Development Team to carry out a Review of Fair Trade Retail Promotion in Scotland in order to build a comprehensive picture of the depth, breadth and effectiveness of Fair Trade sales and activities in Scotland and make recommendations on how to boost sales growth.

The review is set in the context of the wider SG agenda for Policy Coherence for Sustainable development and the team has been asked to ensure that the strategies for inclusive economy, trade and human rights also feed into the review.

An important part of this review process is data gathering from retailers, suppliers and influencers of the fair trade market in Scotland, through surveys, telephone interviews and workshops over the next two months.

1. Introduction

  • Introduce researcher, explain purpose of review and interview
  • Include wider context of SG 'Beyond Aid' agenda and contribution of FT to SDG goals
  • Reassurances about confidentiality. We will seek prior approval from you for any specific comments you make that we would like to include in the final report. These may be anonymised or attributable, dependent on your response.
  • Permission to record/ note take (as appropriate)
  • Any questions?

2. Background (prompts where relevant to stakeholder)

  • Confirm stakeholder's role within the 'fair trade'/ business support /public policy/ wider food/craft world (and knowledge of Scottish scene).
  • Previous involvement and contact with Scottish Fair Trade Forum, S Government international development initiatives or wider UK/European organisations (FTF, FLO).
  • Experience of 'ethical labelling' initiatives and the perceived importance of 'people and planet' issues to consumers and specific issues around this (such as labelling fatigue).
  • Growing importance of SDG goals at governmental and/or market level and alignment of FT to this (comment).

Prompt for variations in perceptions.

3. Trends in Fair Trade (this may not be relevant to some stakeholders) Seek comment on importance of ethical labelling to the consumer and its growth trajectory over the past 10 years (Europe/ UK/ Scotland) Perceptions of how fair trade has fared within the 'People and Planet' marketplace in the last few years Sales performance: knowledge/ how other countries measure this. What baselines do other countries use from which to measure the growth of fair trade?

4. Barriers to sales growth

Discuss key barriers and threats to fair trade sales growth.

Probes: Brexit, lack of eco-credentials, commodity prices, cost, market access, distribution / supply chains, sustainability of supply consumer confusion

5. Opportunities for sales growth Knowledge/ perceptions of critical success factors for increased sales of FT goods (what has worked) e.g. public procurement, distribution centres, promotional activity, educational initiatives European level good practice? Sources/ referral? What more could Scotland as a FT Nation do to utilise these as part of a sales growth strategy?

6. Interaction with wider trade/social enterprise initiatives Description of stakeholder's role in terms of support networks for FTOs (if any) How do they think their organisation could 'join up' with and support what SFTF/ SG is doing to further the fair trade agenda?

7. Anything to add not covered?

Thank the interviewee and confirm that any proposed references that would identify the respondent/ their company will be passed to them for approval to include in final report, should they so wish.



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