2015 Review of Public Health in Scotland: Strengthening the Function and re-focusing action for a healthier Scotland

The Public Health Review was asked to examine public health systems and functions and their contribution to improving population health and reducing (health) inequalities. This is the Report on behalf of the Review Group published with a Ministerial foreword from the Minister for Public Health

Annex A. Terms of Reference for the Public Health Review Group:

The public health function, with its strong focus on prevention, equity and quality, is integral to health service values and aims in Scotland, and to public services reform. The focus for the review is on how to widen and deepen the influence of Public Health -both as a public service function and an important outcome for Scotland. The core question is: "How can we be more effective in tackling health and social inequalities and increasing healthy life expectancy in Scotland in a sustainable way?" In light of this the Review Group has been asked to progress the following.

To undertake a review of public health systems and the delivery of all public health functions in Scotland, with a strong focus on how public health contributes to improving health and wellbeing across the life-course and on reducing health inequalities for the future.

To examine:

  • public health leadership and influence, both within the health sector and more widely;
  • workforce planning and development, succession planning and resourcing within the multi-disciplinary core public health workforce; and
  • opportunities for greater joined-up working and successful implementation of public health measures within the context of community planning, single outcome agreements, and health and social care integration.

To make recommendations to:

  • strengthen the contribution of Public Health in Scotland in light of current and future population health challenges and the emerging policy and organisational contexts;
  • maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the public health resource in Scotland;
  • achieve consistency where this will enhance quality and impact; and
  • ensure the responsiveness and resilience of the public health function for the future.


Email: Gareth Brown

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