2015 Review of Public Health in Scotland: Strengthening the Function and re-focusing action for a healthier Scotland

The Public Health Review was asked to examine public health systems and functions and their contribution to improving population health and reducing (health) inequalities. This is the Report on behalf of the Review Group published with a Ministerial foreword from the Minister for Public Health

Annex H. Abbreviations

AHPs: Allied Health Professionals

CDO: Chief Dental Officer (in the Scottish Government)

CDPH: Consultant in Dental Public Health

CfWI: Centre for Workforce Intelligence

CMO: Chief Medical Officer (in the Scottish Government)

CPPs: Community Planning Partnerships

DPH: Director of Public Health (in Scotland)

EHOs: - Environmental Health Officers

HEAT: Hospital Efficiency and Access Targets

HIS: Healthcare Improvement Scotland

HLE: Healthy Life Expectancy

HPS: Health Protection Scotland

HV: Health Visitor

IJB: Integration Joint Board

ISD: Information Services Division (of NSS)

LOIP: Local outcome improvement plans

NES: NHS Education for Scotland

NHS: National Health Service

NHSHS: NHS Health Scotland,

NSS: NHS National Services Scotland

OECD: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

PHorCast: Public Health Online Resource for Carers, Skills and Training

PSR: Public Service Reform

ScotPHN: Scottish Public Health Network

ScotPHO: Scottish Public Health Observatory

SDsPH: Scottish Directors of Public Health (as a Group)

SHPMs: Scottish Health Promotion Managers

SOA(s): Single Outcome Agreement(s)


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