GIRFEC planning

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) encourages all the adults in the life of a child or young person to look out for their wellbeing and offer help if they or their family want or need it.

Each child is unique and there is no set level of wellbeing that children should achieve. Each child should be helped to reach their full potential as an individual. When a child, young person or their family asks for help with a wellbeing concern, the people who support them should listen to their views and consider:

  • what is getting in the way of this person's wellbeing?
  • do I have all the information I need to help? 
  • what can I do now?  
  • what can my organisation do to help?
  • what additional help, if any, may be needed from others?

People working with children and families must recognise that each child and young person is an individual, and that their wellbeing is influenced by everything around them, their experiences and any needs they have at different times in their lives.

People working in partnership with children and families can draw on the eight wellbeing factors (SHANARRI) and the GIRFEC National Practice Model (NPM) to describe an individual’s strengths, what could be supported and how. These can be used by an organisation (such as the NHS or a local authority) or when services need to work together, for example to co-ordinate a child’s plan.

Families can expect services and people supporting them to be responsive, respect their rights, choices and privacy, and, put them at the centre of decision-making and the support available to them.

The GIRFEC approach does not change existing laws or processes to protect a child or young person at risk of significant harm. Where anyone has child protection concerns, then local child protection procedures must be followed without delay.

GIRFEC National Practice Model

The National Practice Model is a tool for practitioners to help them to meet the Getting it right for every child core values and principles in an appropriate, proportionate and timely way.


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