1. Scottish Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) consultation: Scottish Government response

    Our response to the public consultation on the proposal to designate 10% of Scottish seas as Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) by 2026.

  2. Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs): consultation analysis - final report

    Analysis report on the responses to the consultation on Scottish Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) which ran from 12 December 2022 to 17 April 2023.

  3. How much do people in Scotland value characteristics of marine and coastal areas

    This report summarises the results of a choice experiment survey that was designed to capture the preferences of Scottish people towards the management of marine and coastal areas in Scotland.

  4. Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2022

    This report is based on the returns of an annual survey questionnaire sent to all active authorised fish farming businesses in Scotland during 2022. Statistics on employment, production and value are presented.

  5. Vision for Sustainable Aquaculture

    New strategy to support Scotland’s fish farming sector.

  6. Vision for sustainable aquaculture: island communities impact assessment

    Island communities impact assessment for the vision for sustainable aquaculture.

  7. Vision for sustainable aquaculture

    The Vision for sustainable aquaculture describes the Scottish Government’s long-term aspirations to 2045 for the finfish, shellfish and seaweed farming sectors, and the wider aquaculture supply chain.

  8. Vision for sustainable aquaculture: child rights and wellbeing screening sheet

    Child rights and wellbeing screening sheet for the Vision for sustainable aquaculture

  9. National Islands Plan: implementation route map 2023

    Details how we will deliver on the commitments in the National Islands Plan, over the coming year.

  10. Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey 2022

    This report is based on the returns of an annual survey questionnaire sent to all active authorised shellfish farming businesses in Scotland. Statistics on employment, production and value of shellfish from Scottish shellfish farms are presented.

  11. Developing essential fish habitat maps: report

    The project helped define areas of the sea essential to fish for spawning, breeding, feeding, or growth to maturity. Twenty-nine species and multiple life-stages were reviewed covering marine fish and shellfish of commercial and ecological importance, relevant to offshore wind development areas.

  12. Emamectin benzoate (EmBz) - environmental quality standard (EQS) - implementation: consultation

    Sets out our directions to the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) on the application of a new environmental quality standard (EQS) for Emamectin benzoate (EmBz). We are seeking views on the timescale SEPA should implement to apply the new EQS reducing the discharge limits for these farms.

  13. Equality, opportunity, community: New leadership - A fresh start

    This publication sets out the First Minister’s vision for Scotland and the outcomes he and his government aim to achieve by 2026.

  14. National Islands Plan Annual Report 2022

    The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 requires that a report is presented to Parliament each year setting out the progress made towards delivery of the National Islands Plan. This report sets out progress made during the 2022 reporting year.

  15. Scotland's Blue Economy: current status review

    Describes our starting position in the transition to adopting a Blue Economy approach to marine sectors, communities, and the environment. It provides us with the foundation to consider how we can track our progress and determine if significant and lasting change is occurring.

  16. Salmon Parasite Interactions in Linnhe, Lorn and Shuna (SPILLS): final project report

    The Salmon Parasite in Linnhe, Lorn and Shuna (SPILLS) project focused on testing and improving sea lice dispersal monitoring and modelling techniques. The SPILLS Project developed and compared different models designed to predict distribution of sea lice in Scottish sea lochs.

  17. National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland (NEPS) 2021: analysis

    The National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland (NEPS) is a statistical survey design that ensures collection of unbiased data on the density and status of salmon and the pressures that affect them, including water quality and genetic introgression. This report presents the latest analysis.

  18. Science of salmon stocking: report

    The Science of Stocking report "scientific considerations in stocking policy development for river managers Scottish marine and freshwater science Vol 14 No 3" brings together the science behind the various considerations needed to be taken prior to and following stocking, with a view to aiding design of salmon management strategies that balance risks and benefits within a broad policy framework.

  19. Commission for the land-based learning review: report to Scottish Ministers

    The report produced by the Commission, a short term advisory group established to provide independent, evidence-based advice and submitted to Scottish Ministers on how to attract more people into land-based and aquaculture sectors by improving learning pathways.

  20. Highly Protected Marine Areas: policy framework

    Sets out our proposed definition and aims of Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) and what this could mean for different activities taking place in Scottish waters. Also describes how we will account for socio-economic factors alongside ecological considerations and proposed new legal powers.

  21. Scottish Fish Farm Production Survey 2021

    A statistical news release

  22. Supporting the seafood sector and supply chain

    Strategy for Seafood published.

  23. First meeting of the Scottish Aquaculture Council

    Collaboration to build a sustainable future for aquaculture.

  24. Scottish Shellfish Farm Production Survey 2021

    Statistics on the employment, production and value of shellfish from Scottish Shellfish Farms.

  25. Next steps to improve regulation of aquaculture

    Changes to licensing and Ministerial task group set up.

  26. Aquaculture - use and efficacy of Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs): report

    A report into Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) in the aquaculture sector to provide a better understanding of how they are being used, their efficacy and any potential for impact on sensitive non-target species. Records described the extent of ADD use in Scotland from 2014 to 2020.

  27. Support for fishing businesses and coastal communities

    Next round of funding announced.

  28. First stage of aquaculture review complete

    Process aims to deliver world-leading legislation

  29. New funding adds to range of salmon conservation measures

    Scottish Government Responds to Salmon Interactions Working Group Report

  30. Aquaculture: external review of the current regulatory processes involved in fish farming

    Details of the appointment and terms of references of the external review of the regulatory process involved in fish farming announced by the Scottish Government

  31. Aquaculture review underway

    Professor Russel Griggs appointed to lead project

  32. Aquaculture - fish farms: containment of and prevention of escape of fish - draft code of practice - consultation

    This consultation seeks views on an Aquaculture Code of Practice: Containment of and Prevention of Escape of Fish on Fish Farms in relation to Marine Mammal Interactions.

  33. Aquaculture - Acoustic Deterrent Device (ADD) use: parliamentary report

    Report to the Scottish Parliament on the use of acoustic deterrent devices by the Scottish aquaculture sector at finfish farms as required by section 15 of the Animals and Wildlife (Penalties, Protection and Powers) (Scotland) Act 2020.

  34. Changes to permitted development rights for fish farms: screening determination

    A plan for Amendments to Permitted Development Rights for Fin Fish Developments to increase the maximum cage size to help mitigate effects of seal predation. - reference number 01605.

  35. Supporting the Langoustine sector

    £1 million assistance for new group.

  36. Wider economic impacts of aquaculture

    New report published.

  37. Aquaculture vital for coastal communities

    Report highlights importance of skilled workforce to future of sector.

  38. Support for aquaculture

    Shellfish growers and trout farmers share £3 million

  39. Supporting the seafood sector

    £10 million assistance for processing businesses during COVID-19 pressures.

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