Agricultural careers

  1. Agricultural food and drink sector - impact of future UK Free Trade Agreement scenarios: research

    This research assesses the impacts of future Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between the UK and four selected non-EU trading partners on key Scottish agricultural sectors. The work combines trade-model and farm-level analysis, supplemented by industry interviews and desk-based research.

  2. National Islands Plan: implementation route map 2023

    Details how we will deliver on the commitments in the National Islands Plan, over the coming year.

  3. Just transition in land use and agriculture: a discussion paper

    This discussion paper is intended to support engagement on a just transition for the land use and agriculture sectors. Building on this engagement, a draft targeted action plan and route map (late 23/24) will outline the key steps to delivering a fair transition.

  4. Starter farm initiative - tenant insights: review

    This report is an evaluation from the perspective of the tenants of the starter farm initiative of 9 starter farms which were made available from 2012 for a period of 10 years.

  5. Supporting the next generation of farmers

    Success of Starter Farm Initiative.

  6. National Islands Plan Annual Report 2022

    The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 requires that a report is presented to Parliament each year setting out the progress made towards delivery of the National Islands Plan. This report sets out progress made during the 2022 reporting year.

  7. Commission for the land-based learning review: report to Scottish Ministers

    The report produced by the Commission, a short term advisory group established to provide independent, evidence-based advice and submitted to Scottish Ministers on how to attract more people into land-based and aquaculture sectors by improving learning pathways.

  8. Support for equality in agriculture

    Range of practical training courses for women.

  9. Farming opportunities for new entrants (FONE): information pack

    Guidance on everything you need to know about FONE including land achievements.

  10. Creating opportunities for women in agriculture

    Extension of Practical Training Fund.

  11. National Islands Plan Survey: final report

    This report presents the findings from the National Islands Plan Survey. The research explores perceptions of island life in relation to the strategic objectives set out in the National Islands Plan.

  12. Additional funding increases training support for women in agriculture

    Access to scheme allows women in crofting and agriculture to develop their skills. 

  13. Addressing rural Scotland’s gender imbalance

    Providing training support for women.

  14. Investing in women

    Support for training and business creation.

  15. Women in Agriculture Development Programme: equality impact assessment

    Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) for the Women in Agriculture Development Programme (WiADP).

  16. Skills matching service to help rural business

    Workers connected to farming and animal welfare sector.

  17. Women in Agriculture Taskforce: summary report

    A summary version of the full recommendations of the Women in Agriculture Taskforce final report.

  18. Women in Agriculture

    Business and leadership pilots launched.

  19. Rural skills plan

    Securing, sustaining and progressing rural careers.

  20. Women in agriculture: training flyer

    Making agriculture training more accessible and inclusive: a checklist for trainers and training organisers.

  21. Acknowledging women in agriculture: taskforce progress report

    Progress report of the Women in Agriculture Taskforce.

  22. Women in agriculture: statistical data

    Summarises some of the data available on women who are currently working in the agricultural sector.

  23. Women in farming and the agriculture sector: research report

    Findings and recommendations from research into the role of women in farming and the agriculture sector in Scotland.

  24. Report on New Farming Starter Opportunities on Publicly Owned Land

    This report shows the steps all public bodies who possess land can take to open up farming to a new generation.

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