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Adult Protection Policy Team
Protection of Rights & Mental Health Division
3ER - St Andrew's House


Adult Support and Protection National Data Collection project

National Data Collection

From the outset Stakeholders were keen for a national data collection to support policy development by identifying trends and areas for improvement. The project team achieved the objectives in creating a data collection template with guidance notes, developed through consultation throughout with local authorities. A timeline has been produced to demonstrate the stages towards agreeing a workable data collection.

Collaborative work between the different stakeholders in the project team and the councils was invaluable to identify the barriers and difficulties in data collection, and to identify a process which supports the needs of both stakeholders in Adult Support and Protection and the Scottish Ministers, and the wider audience with an interest in adult protection and safeguarding.


National Data Collection Project Timeline

The National Data Collection Project Timeline displays a proposed phased data collection for a sensible approach:

Data Collection template

The Data Collection template was created in collaboration with the Scottish Government's Quality Unit Analytical Services. It was developed through consultation throughout with local authorities and finalised with the project team:

Guidance notes to Councils

The Guidance notes to Councils are created to complement the Data Collection template. These notes include important information such as definitions and reasons for collection to ensure consistency of data across Scotland: