Reforming adult social care support

Social care is an investment in Scotland’s people, society and economy. Many of us, or many of our family members or friends, will already use social care. Most of us will need to use social care at some point in our lives. The social care sector employs some 200,000 people and has an estimated financial value to Scotland’s economy of £3.4 billion.

Social care support is about supporting people to:

  • live independently
  • be active citizens
  • participate and contribute to our society
  • maintain their dignity and their human rights

We are committed to supporting people to stay at home or in a homely setting, with maximum independence, for as long as possible. We also want to attract and retain the right people to work in social care support and social work and raise the status of social care as a profession.

Information on adult social care support and services in your area is on the COSLA website.

The reform programme

We have been working with COSLA, people with lived experience, unpaid carers and other stakeholders to develop a national programme to support reform of adult social care. We launched this programme in June 2019 based on evidence collected from a wide range of people and organisations on the challenges and opportunities in social care and the future changes needed. We produced a summary of these discussion paper responses in June 2019 (including html, easy read, BSL and graphic versions).

The national programme will:

  • support integration authorities, the wider sector, and communities in planning and taking forward changes
  • advise Scottish Ministers if national changes or interventions are required
  • raise awareness of the role of social care support in Scotland and its social and economic value

Our priorities in developing the reform programme are:

  • a shared agreement on the purpose of adult social care support, with a focus on human rights
  • social care support that is centred on a person, how they want to live their life, and what is important to them – including the freedom to move to a different area of Scotland
  • changing attitudes towards social care support, so that it is seen as an investment in Scotland’s people, society and economy
  • investment in social care support, and how it is paid for in the future
  • a valued and skilled workforce
  • strengthening the quality and consistency of co-production at local and national level with people with lived experience and the wider community
  • equity of experience and expectations across Scotland
  • evaluation, data and learning

We published our partnership programme framework (includes html, easy read, BSL and graphic versions) and our vision for adult social care support (includes html, easy read and graphic versions) in June 2019.

We have created two leadership groups to inform and support this programme and its priorities:

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