National Care Service

The Scottish Government is improving community health and social care support in Scotland.

Vision for the National Care Service

People across Scotland currently experience a range of quality in their social care support. We’ve listened and heard that the adult social care system must change to improve standards.

Watch a short video about what improvements people would like to see.

We want to make sure that everyone has access to high-quality social care support when they need it.

We also want to better support our workforce. Our goal is to make the social care sector fit for the future - and for people coming into the profession.

This change will be known as the National Care Service (NCS). It’s being shaped by people who have experience of accessing and delivering social care support.

Our vision is set out in a National Care Service: statement of benefits. You can also learn about our vision in alternative formats, including easy read.

Watch a video about our vision for the National Care Service.

Co-designing with the people of Scotland

Co-design means working together to understand, explore, and agree how the National Care Service should work.

As we continue to co-design the National Care Service, we’re committed to listening to the voices of experts. 

These are people with experience of social care services, including:

  • people who access social care support
  • their family and support network
  • unpaid carers
  • the workforce
  • organisations and people who deliver social care support    
  • third sector organisations
  • people who have received or been involved in delivering social care support in the past

Find out more: National Care Service: Co-design Paper.
There are also other easy read documents, which explain some of the key concepts around the National Care Service and how it will work.

The National Care Service Forum    

This event took place on 3 October 2022.

We have published a report about the NCS Forum. This is a summary of the discussions, reflections and feedback gathered at the event.

Alternative formats:

You can also view our National Care Service: questions and answers document. This answers questions about the National Care Service Bill and also questions asked during the forum.

Alternative formats:

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