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Sustainability and Seven Day Services

Our ambition is to consistently deliver high quality care, whenever patients need it. The NHS in Scotland already provides round the clock care but we need to do more to remove variation in the way care is delivered, particularly at the weekend.

There is broad consensus that delivery of appropriate seven day services will improve patient care and clinical outcomes. It is about responding to the needs of patients and ensuring that the whole system works more cohesively and effectively.

A programme was established headed by the Sustainability and Seven Day Services Taskforce to drive forward progress towards our ambition and vision for sustainable seven day services. Given the complexity and potential scope of the work, the Taskforce agreed in the initial phase to focus on eight clinical areas: Major Trauma, Critical Care, Acute Surgery, Acute Medicine, Coronary Care, Maternity and Neonates, Diagnostics and Investigations and Primary Care.

An Interim Report by the Taskforce (published on March 6, 2015) provides an update on the work undertaken on the programme to date and sets out next steps in taking this work forward: