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The Best Start: A Five-Year Forward Plan for Maternity and Neonatal Care in Scotland

DescriptionThe Review of Maternity and Neonatal Services in Scotland was announced on 25 February 2015. Its aim was to ensure that every mother and baby continues to get the best possible care from Scotland’s health service, giving all children the best start in life. The Review examined choice, quality and safety of maternity and neonatal services, in consultation with the workforce, NHS Boards and service users.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJanuary 20, 2017


ISBN 978 1 78652 712 7
PPDAS 79495

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Summary Overview

Chapter 1: The Case for Change
1.1 Population health
1.2 Opportunities to improve health
1.3 Learning from audits, reports and evidence
1.4 Future service provision
1.5 Workforce consideration
1.6 Views of service users

Chapter 2: The Current Model of Maternity and Neonatal Care
2.1 Service demand
2.2 Maternity services
2.3 Neonatal services
2.4 Transport services
2.5 Scottish policy context
2.6 Maternity and neonatal policy context

Chapter 3: Our Vision
3.1 Underlying principles

Chapter 4: The Review Process
4.1 Establishing the Review
4.2 Structuring the Review
4.3 Engagement
4.4 Communication
4.5 Evidence and data
4.6 Outcomes from engagement process
4.7 Outputs from evidence
4.8 Additional Evidence

Chapter 5: New Model of Care
5.1 Continuity of carer
5.2 Person-centred maternity and neonatal care
5.3 Family-centred care
5.4 Multi-professional team working and pathways to care
5.5 Redesigned personalised care
5.6 Multi-professional working, culture and behaviours
5.7 New model of multi-professional working, culture and behaviours
5.8 Role of the third sector
5.9 Workforce implications
5.10 Accessible and appropriate local services
5.11 Infant feeding
5.12 Midwifery across the career framework
5.13 Equipping the workforce to deliver
5.14 Specialist services
5.15 Theatre and critical care (High dependency and intensive care)
5.16 Services for vulnerable women
5.17 Workforce and education
5.18 Perinatal mental health
5.19 Bereavement

Chapter 6: Implications for Neonatal Care
6.1 Neonatal care
6.2 The new model of family-centred neonatal care
6.3 Neonatal intensive care
6.4 Proposed levels of neonatal care in Scotland
6.5 Getting babies home
6.6 Quality and safety - standardising practice in neonatal care
6.7 Developing the workforce in neonatal care

Chapter 7: Supporting the Service Changes
7.1 Transport
7.2 Remote and rural care
7.3 Planning and supporting the workforce to deliver
7.4 Continuous quality improvement
7.5 Information technology, data and telemedicine

Chapter 8: Wider Implications
8.1 Managed clinical networks
8.2 Further research
8.3 Resource implications

Appendix A: Summary of the Review recommendations

Appendix B: Maternity units in Scotland

Appendix C: Neonatal units in Scotland

Appendix D: Aim and remit of the Review

Appendix E: Review group membership

Appendix F: Sub-Group remits and membership

Appendix G: Efficient evidence reviews: authors and sponsors

Appendix H: Efficient evidence reviews: full conclusions

Appendix I: Further research: recommendations