Young Person's Guarantee Activity Plan (Phase 1): EQIA and Equality Action Plan

The Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) undertaken for the Young Person's Guarantee Activity Plan has highlighted a number of actions to be undertaken in order to fulfil the Public Sector Equality Duty. These actions have also been developed into an Equality Action Plan (see Annex) .

Monitoring and Review

While there is ongoing work to establish the formal governance arrangements for the Guarantee, the Implementation Group will continue to provide advice on the Guarantee and implementation of activities set out in the Activity Plan. The Implementation Group will further establish an equality subgroup, whose membership will include Close the Gap, Intercultural Youth Scotland, Glasgow Disability Alliance and Staf. This subgroup will support partners to deliver against the Activity Plan and the Equality Action Plan, consider updates on how actions are being progressed, and question where improvements could be made. Further consideration will be given to the membership of the subgroup.

It is expected that the subgroup will support the development and review of other EQIAs related to the Guarantee; support the monitoring and evaluation of the Guarantee in meeting its equality aims; and, advise on areas of continuous improvement.

Given that the implementation of the Guarantee involves a wide range of partners, there is an understanding that partners should be impact assessing their own policies and delivery of their programmes. While overall delivery of the Guarantee will be monitored and evaluated by the Scottish Government, public sector partners will also prepare and publish their own relevant impact assessments. Other partners will further be asked to impact assess their work through grant arrangements with the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government has committed to regularly updating the Activity Plan for the Guarantee and this will involve reviewing the EQIA and updating the Equality Action Plan to ensure that equalities are continually embedded in the delivery of the Guarantee. The Scottish Government will be responsible for coordinating this, with input from delivery partners and the equality subgroup.

Further, policy officials are either undertaking new EQIAs for specific elements of the Guarantee and/or are updating existing EQIAs.



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