Young Person's Guarantee Activity Plan (Phase 1): EQIA and Equality Action Plan

The Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) undertaken for the Young Person's Guarantee Activity Plan has highlighted a number of actions to be undertaken in order to fulfil the Public Sector Equality Duty. These actions have also been developed into an Equality Action Plan (see Annex) .


A range of stakeholders (including Guarantee's Implementation Group, expert policy advocacy organisations, young people themselves, and a range of Scottish Government policy officials) were consulted on policy proposals on the Guarantee's implementation and the corresponding EQIA. This includes the development of the Activity Plan, the evidence gathering process for this EQIA, and the subsequent draft Equality Action Plan. In particular, discussions have been held with Young Scot, Glasgow Disability Alliance, Close the Gap, Intercultural Youth Scotland, Staf and LGBT Youth Scotland.



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