Wellbeing economy toolkit: supporting place based economic strategy and policy development

This practical guide sets out a stage-by-stage diagnostic process designed to aid decision making and prioritisation of economic interventions to facilitate the transition to local and regional wellbeing economies.

Annex E - Further Resources

Stage 1: Developing the local wellbeing economy story

National Performance Framework – Scotland’s Wellbeing Framework

Wellbeing Economy Monitor

The 17 Goals – Sustainable Development

WEAll Policy Design Guide

What Works Wellbeing

The SDGs Wedding Cake – Stockholm Resilience Centre

Thriving Places Index – Centre for Thriving Places

Resources | National Performance Framework

Improvement Service Local Child Poverty Action Reports

Scottish Government Improving Public Services

Scottish Government Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act

Examples of Scottish Government outcomes and outcome frameworks relating to strategic priorities:

Stage 2: Understanding drivers

Scotland’s Hub for Regional Economic Development (SHRED)- formerly Scotland’s Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth (SCRIG)

SLAED – Indicators Framework | SLAED

Outcomes Frameworks and Systems Mapping:

Stage 3: Engagement and participation

SCDC National Standards for Community Engagement

OECD Guidelines for Citizen Participation Processes

OECD Innovative Citizen Participation

Involve.org.uk – Knowledge Base

Participedia – participedia.net

Nesta – Advancing democratic innovations toolkit

RSA – Citizens Economic Council – Building a Public Culture of Economics – rsa.org

Stage 4: Prioritisation

European Commission Better Regulation Toolbox – Multilevel Criteria Analysis

HM Treasury – Green Book Supplementary Guidance: multi-criteria decision analysis

DEFRA – Evidence and Analysis Series – Social Impacts and Wellbeing: multi-criteria analysis techniques for integrating non-monetary evidence in valuation and appraisal

Stage 5: Operationalisation

Scottish Government Community wealth building – Cities and regions

North Ayrshire Council Community Wealth Building

CLES What is Community Wealth Building?

Land Commission – good practice in Community Wealth Building

Scottish Government Scotland’s National Strategy for Economic Transformation

Scottish Government The Environment Strategy for Scotland: vision and outcomes

Improvement Service: Wellbeing Economy Briefing

Improvement Service Wellbeing Economy Resources

Improvement Service Community Wealth Building Elected Members Brief

Carnegie UK Embedding Wellbeing Frameworks

WEAll Being Bold: Building Budgets for Children’s Wellbeing

WEAll Love Letham Project

Stage 6: Monitoring and evaluation

HM Treasury The Magenta Book

WEAll Policy Guide

WEAll Integrating Wellbeing into Policy Evaluations


Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo)

OECD Centre on Well-being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE)

OECD The Economy of Well-being

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ‘Why governments should prioritise wellbeing’ (Video)

Wellbeing Economy Alliance: Katherine Trebeck ‘Why the Future Economy has to be a Wellbeing Economy’ (Video)

WEAll Failure Demand Report

Carnegie UK Gross Domestic Wellbeing Programme

University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership Rewiring the Economy Report

The Economic Development Association Scotland (EDAS)

Business Purpose Commission report – purpose-led recovery and growth – SCDI 2022

Fairer Scotland Duty | Improvement Service

Scottish Government Christie Commission on the future delivery of public services

COSLA Christie Commission – 10th Anniversary

Scottish Government Covid Recovery Strategy: for a fairer future

Scottish Government Infrastructure Investment Plan


Email: NSET@gov.scot

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