University of Strathclyde - TQFE Programme: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to our consultation on “University of Strathclyde – Further Education Teaching Programme” which ran from 4 April 2022 to 16 May 2022.


Under article 30 of the Public Services Reform (General Teaching Council for Scotland) Order 2011, it is for the Scottish Ministers to determine what constitutes a recognised teaching qualification for individuals seeking registration as a further education teacher with the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

Before making or changing a determination under article 30, the Scottish Ministers must consult further education institutions or their representatives, the General Teaching Council for Scotland and such other persons appearing to them to have an interest. They must have regard to any views expressed by those consulted in relation to any determination. Determinations must be published.

The consultation sought views on a proposed further education teaching programme to be delivered by the University of Strathclyde in respect of which Scottish Ministers are proposing to make a determination in the context explained above. The Consultation asked for feedback on the University of Strathclyde's programme with reference to:

  • The programme admission arrangements.
  • The content, nature and duration of the programme.
  • The programme's assessment arrangements.
  • The functions of the governing bodies, principals and members of staff of the University of Strathclyde providing the programme.
  • Whether the University of Strathclyde is an appropriate programme provider.



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