University of Strathclyde - TQFE Programme: consultation analysis

Analysis of responses to our consultation on “University of Strathclyde – Further Education Teaching Programme” which ran from 4 April 2022 to 16 May 2022.

Question 6

Do you have any further comments that you consider to be relevant to the Scottish Ministers' determination?

6 respondents provided further comments. The majority of comments provided within this section relate to the wider context of the TQFE as opposed specifically in relation to the University of Strathclyde's Programme, which is the sole focus of this consultation and the Scottish Ministers' determination. Respondents made the following comments in answer to this question:

  • The proposed introduction of a TQFE programme by Strathclyde University is a welcome development. At present, there is no provider of TQFE in the west of Scotland and a small number operating across the country. A local, high quality provider of TQFE would greatly enhance the professional development environment for college lecturers within the city region and beyond.
  • We have concerns that the programme title itself downplays the importance of TQFE. It may be read as though this programme is offering TQFE + something additional and this is problematic since a TQFE itself should constitute 60 credits and this programme is 60 credits in total. This could create the misleading impression that it is not equivalent to some other TQFE programmes. We suggest that all TQFE programmes should carry this name prominently to avoid this confusion.



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