Super Sponsor Scheme and Homes for Ukraine: guidance for hosts

Guidance for hosts providing accommodation through the Scottish super sponsor and Homes for Ukraine schemes.


Super sponsor matching is carried out by the Scottish Government and local authority resettlement teams. It is essential that the matching process is followed in full.

Informal matches via social media or other places, which may not be subject to the necessary safeguarding checks, could potentially place the host or the guest at risk of harm. Where informal matches have taken place, hosts should contact their local authority resettlement team to discuss next steps.

Displaced people will arrive in the country, having chosen Scotland as a ‘super sponsor’ as part of their visa application, and will be directed to our Welcome Hubs.

An assessment of their needs will take place and they will be offered temporary accommodation until a longer-term match has been found. Where additional needs are found, they will be directed to specialist local authority support teams.

In the Welcome Hub, displaced people will be matched with accommodation, which will include offers received via the UK Homes for Ukraine website. These offers will include rooms in a resident host’s home or a separate property, such as a second home, after home visits/property checks and disclosure checks have found them appropriate for matching.

Please be aware that matching is a complicated process that considers the needs and circumstances of both hosts and displaced people, and as a result, may take time. Your patience is appreciated as we do this.

Options regarding appropriate matching

Once matched under the Scottish super sponsor scheme, you will be contacted to discuss the arrangements.

The matching service will arrange for the travel of guests once a date of entry has been agreed with you.

Local authorities will be notified a match has been formalised so that they can arrange the necessary support.

If you have any concerns around coronavirus, please speak to the local authority at the point of matching. 

Welfare visits

At least one in-person further welfare visit is expected to be carried out by the local authority to ensure that everyone in the house is safe and well. This will offer support and signposting to you and your guest, and will ensure that contact details for any future support needs are shared.

These visits also provide an opportunity to discuss any longer-term contact between you, the guest and the local authority. This may be necessary to ensure the continued suitability of the arrangement.



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