Just transition in land use and agriculture: a discussion paper

This discussion paper is intended to support engagement on a just transition for the land use and agriculture sectors. Building on this engagement, a draft targeted action plan and route map (late 23/24) will outline the key steps to delivering a fair transition.

Monitoring and evaluation

In order to establish a baseline on which future iterations can be built and to monitor and assess progress of this first plan it is anticipated that the monitoring and evaluation will be drawn from existing frameworks, for example but not limited to: The National Performance Framework

  • Scotland's Forestry Strategy 2019 to 2029
  • Scotland's new Biodiversity Strategy
  • Scottish Natural Capital Accounts
  • The Scottish Agricultural Census
  • Rural Scotland Key Facts
  • Scottish Household Survey
  • The Community Ownership in Scotland annual publication

Discussion point - We would appreciate feedback on:

  • Are you / your organisation aware of specific monitoring and evaluation frameworks, indicators or data sets that should be considered?


Email: justtransition@gov.scot

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