Just transition in land use and agriculture: a discussion paper

This discussion paper is intended to support engagement on a just transition for the land use and agriculture sectors. Building on this engagement, a draft targeted action plan and route map (late 23/24) will outline the key steps to delivering a fair transition.

Future support framework: a phased approach

2025 New Conditionality Introduced

New conditionality will be introduced for the 2025 Single Application Form calendar year, delivering upon our commitment to integrate enhanced conditionality on half of all funding by 2025

Consideration will be given to where further conditions can be applied to existing schemes

2026 New Enhanced Support Launched

Powers from the new Agriculture Bills will be used to launch the new Enhanced Support

The Enhanced Support (Tier 2 of the new framework) will directly link the enhanced support to the contribution farmers and crofters make in delivering our climate and nature objectives and allows for those pioneering best practice now to be recognised and rewarded.

Co-development of this element will be prioritised through Testing for Sustainable Farming’

2027 Additional Support Elements Added

Once the Enhanced mechanism is in place, further elements of the Future Support Framework will be introduced - including Elective and Complementary support such as future encarnations of agri-environment and Farm Advisory Services

The present payment regions will be kept as they are in the early part of the transition. The current three region model will be reviewed to ensure the Tier One ‘Base’ payment is fit for purpose for the future.


Email: justtransition@gov.scot

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