Super Sponsor Scheme and Homes for Ukraine: guidance for local authorities

Guidance for local authorities on the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsorship Scheme and Scotland’s responsibilities under the UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Rematching and ending hosting arrangements

Where a match has not yet come to an end, but a guest or host reports difficulties (e.g. relationship difficulties), it is the responsibility of the local authority to advise both parties on available options and support facilities.

Resettlement leads should, where possible, attempt to reconcile relationships before a breakdown occurs, or move the guest into alternative accommodation should there be safeguarding concerns. 

In the case that a hosting arrangement ends, local authorities should terminate “thank you” payments being made to hosts once the guest has moved out of their premises. In such instances, resettlement teams will consider several responses including re-matching or supporting the guest with accessing private rental sector or social housing.

If the situation arises that the guest(s) refuse to vacate the host’s accommodation, the local authority must explain to guests that the host is within their rights to end the arrangement. The local authority is obliged to use existing mechanisms to support them in finding alternative arrangements. If the guest(s) fully understand the situation and still refuse to vacate the host’s accommodation, the local authority may wish to speak to their safeguarding team or local police support to advise as to how best to deal with the situation to ensure the safety of the guest(s) and the sponsor.

Hosts coming to the end of a hosting arrangement should be asked whether or not they would like to be kept on record for future matching. If the host would not like to be considered for future matching, it is the responsibility of the local authority to ensure that their records are deleted from the system, or to inform the central matching team to do this if the host was matched through the central matching service.

Movement of a guest from Scotland to England, Wales or Northern Ireland

Where a guest living in Scotland moves to another part of the UK, the Scottish Government or host local authority should raise the case via JIRA, confirming they have notified the receiving local authority or devolved government to the case. The JIRA Response Team will then re-assign the record to the relevant local authority in England or Northern Ireland, however it is not currently possible to reassign records to Wales as they use a separate records management system to Foundry for their administration of the Homes for Ukraine scheme.



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