Super Sponsor Scheme and Homes for Ukraine: guidance for local authorities

Guidance for local authorities on the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsorship Scheme and Scotland’s responsibilities under the UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme.


The immediate priority remains the welfare of new arrivals including assessment of their individual needs and requirements.  After a period of resettling, and once priority needs have been met around security, health, housing and safeguarding, a person may be ready to consider employment.

Support for people seeking employment remains overseen by the UK Government at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Employment support, while expected to be low initially as guests settle in, will be assessed at a local level by resettlement teams. Individuals will then be signposted to access suitable employability and skills support via DWP Work Coaches.

DWP Work Coaches will undertake individual assessments and guests will have access to a range of employment and skills support, tailored to their individual needs.

For businesses seeking to offer employment, it is important to note that upon arrival we offer guests time to rest and to recuperate. Offers of accommodation must not to be linked to offers of employment.

The DWP has implemented a new process for employers to share details of their potential vacancies. Employers should complete an on-line template via the DWP’s offer work to people who have come to the UK from Afghanistan or Ukraine page.

When a completed template has been submitted, a member of the team at the DWP will contact the prospective employer to discuss the vacancy. Suitable vacancies will be made available to anyone seeking employment across the Job Centre Network.



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