Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland No.4 : 2013 Edition

This contains the results of the annual pupil census, annual teacher census, pre-school data, school estates data, attendance and absence data and exclusions data.

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Summary Statistics for Schools in Scotland, No.4 : 2013 Edition

11th December, 2013

This document is the fourth issue of an annual summary of statistics bulletin that brings together information from the following sources:

  • The annual census of pupils and teachers in publicly funded schools in Scotland, conducted on 18th September 2013
  • Information on pre-school education centres in Scotland, collected in the week commencing 16th September 2013
  • School Estate survey data for financial year 2012-13, for all schools open on 1st April 2013
  • Information on Attendance and Absence and exclusions from school is now collected on a biennial basis and was collected for the 2012/13 academic year

Information on pre-school and primary teacher numbers for 2010 onwards have been amended in this publication to remove teachers who were double counted as a result of working in both sectors. Therefore, any previously published figures based on 2010, 2011 or 2012 pre-school or primary teacher numbers are now superseded and should not be used.

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