People displaced from Ukraine - interviews: summary report

Key themes and observations from in-depth interviews with people displaced from Ukraine living in Scotland and their hosts.

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Annex A: Interview Guide for Semi-Structured Interviews with Hosts

Introduction T:05

My name is [name] and I am a researcher from the Scottish Government.

I would like to hear from you about your experiences with hosting and/or offering to host guests in your home. We are conducting a number of interviews with hosts over the next week or so.

This is to inform the Warm Scots Welcome Programme and will help us to better support both hosts and Ukrainian guests.

I just want to remind you that this session is confidential. All notes we are taking from the interview today will be made anonymous when we write up the findings and nobody will be able to see who said what.

The interview will take up to 60 minutes. You can at any point and without providing a reason stop this interview. You can also skip any question – again without providing a reason.

If you decide at any time during or after the interview that you don't want to participate, then we will delete all the information you provided.

Do you have any questions before we begin?

Participant background T:10

To start with, could you tell us a bit about yourself and where you live (anything you feel comfortable sharing)


  • What do you do?
  • How would you describe where you live?

If they don't give clarity, ask whether it's rural or urban.

  • Who else lives with you?
  • What type of accommodation is it (flat, house, etc.)?

Host status and how their hosting journey began T:25

Confirm with them which stage of their journey they're at (this will be in the participant rota)

Possible prompts to enhance understanding of how participant first got involved as a host and their motivations for doing so:

How did you find out about the hosting opportunities?

  • Try to elicit specific information they encountered or used.

What made you want to get involved?

What route are you using or aiming to use?

  • Try to elicit this by asking about the routes they've considered or were considering (from the survey)

If hosting or previously hosted:

Can you tell us a bit about who you are hosting/who you have hosted and how long they have been/were with you?

(Prompt for: number, gender, ages, month of arrival of guests)

When did you first speak?

Prompt: How was that arranged?

Prompt: How did that feel?

If negative, try to elicit what precisely about the process made them feel that way.

If they haven't mentioned the matching process:

Between expressing your interest in hosting up until you met, how was it?

Did you/are you hosting them in your own home or somewhere else?

Prompt: Living arrangements. (Lots of space then? Comfortable?)

If not hosting: do you have any plans to host guests soon?

If yes, which route are you planning to take?

  • (Prompt: of private vs. govt. Prompt: their route information in survey info)

When do you hope to welcome guests?

  • What influenced the timing?
  • If they're waiting: What was the last thing you heard? Who from?
  • Elicit where they're up to in the matching process, which organisation they're waiting for, etc.

Expectations about hosting T:35

If hosting/have hosted: What did you think hosting someone would be like?

Elicit how their expectations changed before and after they found out who they'd be hosting/what the arrangements would be.

How did you prepare for it?

Elicit support they accessed: Did anyone help you out?

Have you had to change anything about your home or lifestyle then?

If positive: Did you expect that or plan for it at all?

If waiting to host: What do you think hosting someone will/would be like?

How are you preparing for it?

Elicit support they're accessing.

Do you think you'll have to change anything?

Experiences of hosting T:45

We are very interested in your experience so far of hosting guests from Ukraine.

Overall, what has your experience of hosting been like so far?

Has it been different from what you expected? If so, in what ways?

How did this line up with the information you had when you signed up to host?

What have been the biggest challenges of hosting?

Elicit how they overcame them.

If they don't mention it: Are language or cultural barriers ever an issue?

What have been the best things about hosting?

What advice/tips would you give to anyone considering hosting?

Future intentions T:55

Moving on to the last part of this interview – we would like to hear more about your future intentions of being a host.

What are/were your expectations about when and how your hosting journey might end?

How long do you intend to host for?

Have you ever thought about shortening or extending that time frame?

Are you aware of the thank you payment for hosts of £350 for the first six months of hosting a guest?

If yes: do you receive it?

What does that do for you as a host?

If the payment arrangements were to increase, either in length or amount, how would that affect your interest in hosting?

What do you imagine will happen for you and/or [guest'/s' name/s] when your arrangement ends?

Prompt: What do you imagine will happen to your guests when they leave?

Prompt: Do you think you'll stay in touch?

Summary T:60

Check whether your observers/note-takers have any questions

Thank you so much for you time, it was really valuable to speak with you.

One last thing – we're interested in possibly pulling together a group of hosts and guests who're interested in helping us make sure their experiences are part of informing the future of the Warm Scots Welcome programme.

Would you be happy for us to get in touch with you in the future so you can be part of that?



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