A stronger and more resilient Scotland: the Programme for Government 2022 to 2023

The Programme for Government sets out the actions we will take in the coming year and beyond. It includes the legislative programme for this parliamentary year.

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Outcomes and Equalities

Scotland's people are at the heart of everything we do. We are proud of our diverse and inclusive society. Our work aims to create and strengthen a Scotland which respects, protects, and fulfils the human rights of everyone who lives here, and where everyone can live free from discrimination and reach their full potential.

Scotland's National Performance Framework (NPF) is our vision for the nation we want to be, supported by National Outcomes for Scotland's wellbeing, in the context of global challenges and uncertainty.

The NPF also gives Scottish expression to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This year, in line with the requirements of the legislation embedding the NPF at the heart of the work of government, we will begin a review of the National Outcomes, building on the findings of the recent Citizen Assemblies and the consultations carried out to advance COVID recovery.

We will also explore how to ensure the interests of future generations are taken into account in decisions made today. This may include placing duties on public bodies and local government to take account of the impact of their decisions on wellbeing and sustainable development, and the creation of a Future Generations' Commissioner.

Our commitment to being the best place to grow up continues to drive forward our national mission to end child poverty, alongside actions to make sure young people have the skills necessary to lead fulfilling lives. Progress on these outcomes will only be fully achieved by Keeping The Promise for care experienced people.

In the coming year we will develop engaging and relevant guidance and materials to teach young people about consent and healthy relationships. This will support the prevention of sexual harassment and gender-based violence. We have recently opened a consultation on the national statutory guidance on Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood. We will also deliver a national framework for responding positively to gender-based violence in schools, activity which will contribute to our overarching ambitions that girls and young women should have a gender‑competent experience of school, underpinned by the work of the Gender Equality Taskforce and Equally Safe in Schools.

Creating excellent public services requires us to look to our National Outcomes to ensure that we rebuild stronger, more resilient justice and health and care systems that are centred on people.

Our National Outcome of a strong, dynamic and inclusive economy, essential to supporting jobs, incomes and quality of life for all of our people, must also be environmentally sustainable. This Programme for Government takes forward our transition to becoming a net zero economy.

We are taking action to further Scotland's position as a global leader in human rights and equality. Our work to promote equality and human rights supports our ambition for strong communities that are inclusive, empowered, resilient and safe, and where human rights are respected. We will continue to take action to mainstream equality and human rights and take forward specific action to address discrimination, including racism, to tackle violence against women and girls and end conversion practices. We will continue to develop the world leading Human Rights Bill through extensive consultation and participation activity.

Promoting Scotland in the world as an open and connected nation that makes a positive contribution internationally supports our ambition to have a globally competitive, entrepreneurial, inclusive and sustainable economy. Our commitment to democratic principles, and to people participating in the decisions that affect them, underpins all that we do.


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