Programme for Government 2022 to 2023

Focuses on creating a stronger and more resilient Scotland.


In September 2021 the Scottish Government published a Programme for Government which, alongside the Bute House Agreement, sets out our plans for the full parliamentary term. Although we cannot guarantee that increased uncertainty and rising costs will not impact our plans, our ambition and our intentions are unchanged and have been built on through key publications like Best Start, Bright Futures, our updated Climate Change Plan and the National Strategy for Economic Transformation.

This Programme for Government is not an exhaustive list of the actions the Scottish Government will take this year; it focuses on those immediate priorities which we believe should be driven forward with urgency in the face of current challenges.

This Programme for Government sets out the Scottish Government's response to the cost crisis, including a commitment to share with Parliament the conclusions of our Emergency Budget Review no later than two weeks after any UK emergency budget. The Programme for Government is necessarily subject to the outcome of the Emergency Budget Review and our Budget for 2023-24.

Later sections set out actions to secure a stronger and more resilient Scotland, for children and young people and Scotland's national mission on child poverty, and through excellent public services.

Further sections describe action on transforming our economy, tackling the climate emergency, restoring our environment, and supporting our communities. Finally, we set out our vision of Scotland in the world.

The Programme for Government also sets out our approach to outcomes and equalities and the Scottish Government's proposed legislative programme for 2022-23, including emergency legislation on housing and debt as part of our response to the cost crisis.



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