State of the economy: September 2020

This report summarises recent developments in the global, UK and Scottish economies and provides an analysis of the performance of, and outlook for, the Scottish economy.

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1. Source: More recent unweighted ONS data suggests the proportion currently trading has risen to 98% in September.

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4. OBR Fiscal Sustainability Report can be found here.

5. SFC Fiscal Update can be found here.

6. Reports on the Bank of England's Select Committee attendance can be found here.

7. The SG August Monthly Economic Brief can be found here.

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16. Costs for the new wage subsidy scheme are not currently available and therefore not included in the Chart.

17. Estimates are expressed in terms of 2019 GDP. The final allocation of the EU recovery package still needs to be determined as it is partly dependent on economic performance in 2020 and 2021. The estimate in the charts are based on the latest available European Commission's forecasts from May 2020. See Bruegel, 23 July.

18. The chart shows new policies and measures introduced in response to COVID-19. Some countries, such as Germany and Sweden, already had forms of wage support schemes in place before the pandemic. Support delivered through these schemes will not be included except for where schemes have been expanded in response to COVID-19.

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