Social Security (Scotland) Act 2018: benefit take-up strategy - October 2021

This take-up strategy is the second to be published under the provision of the Social Security (Scotland) Act, and outlines our work on take-up to date, as well as setting out our next steps


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8. See our Action Plan – Improving the lives of Gypsy/Travellers: 2019-2021 - (

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14. The Promise

15. The evaluation has two strands: an analysis of management data and a report based on interviews with Best Start Grant recipients. The report and the appendices can be accessed via the following 2 links: Best Start Grant: interim evaluation - (, Best Start Grant - interim evaluation: qualitative research (annex B) - (

16. Social Security Scotland - Our Charter

17. Social Security Scotland - Charter Measurement Framework

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19. An application is required if the child no longer lives in Scotland. This is estimated to be a very small fraction of the caseload and as such it will not be possible to estimate take-up for this small fraction.

20. See:



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