Social Security Experience Panels - panel members: full report - 2020 update

This report provides demographic information about the Social Security Experience Panels. It also summarises feedback from panel members about their experiences of being a member of the panels and how this could be improved.

What’s next?

This report provides a valuable up-to-date picture about who is in the Experience Panels and what their experiences of taking part have been so far. It allows us to look at how the Panels are made up and how they have changed over time.

In addition, as the Experience Panels continues, the insights collected through our ‘About You’ surveys allow us to continually evaluate our approach and make improvements. In particular, we will take feedback given on board to improve certain aspects of our approach. For example, for future research events, we will look into options to provide more information about research topics to panel members, so that they can prepare beforehand.

Soon we will re-run our ‘About You’ survey and ask panel members to update their information again. In the meantime, the Scottish Government will continue to work with the Experience Panels in the development of Scotland’s new social security system. This will include further research on individual benefits in addition to work to assist in the development of Social Security Scotland



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