Social Security Experience Panels: inclusive communication - visual summary

This visual summary outlines the results a survey and 9 focus groups with Experience Panel members, which asked about their views on various aspects of communication including applying for a benefit, getting help with an application and online information videos.

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Online information videos

We asked respondents their thoughts on Social Security Scotland providing information about benefits in video format, including how helpful they thought they would be.

Just under six in ten respondents (58 per cent) thought that the idea of information about Social Security Scotland in video format would be helpful.

14 per cent did not think this would be helpful.

Just under three in ten (28 per cent) respondents said it would be neither helpful nor unhelpful.

Why video would be helpful

The most common response was that respondents felt information in video is easier to understand and remember than written text.

"Sometimes it is easier to absorb, and remember, information from a video rather than just reading it."

Some respondents said that they thought that information in video format would feel more 'personal'.

"It would certainly help as I do believe it would show a human face to something which can be quite daunting."

Many respondents said that information in video format may be less tiring on their physical and mental health than written information.

"Some people aren't good at taking in the written word especially if on strong medication or have certain medical conditions or in pain."

Many respondents also said information in video format would be helpful because they would be able to watch and re-watch them at any time or place.

"This could be watched, stopped at something I found difficult, rewound and played again to help me understand. It can be watched several times to make sure I get it right."

Some respondents said that any information about Social Security Scotland's benefits and services would be helpful.

Why video would not be helpful

Some respondents said that they personally found written information easier to understand, faster to take in, or easier to refer back to.

A few respondents felt that video format may make it difficult to find relevant information.

Other respondents explained that information in video format would not be helpful to them due to their disability or health condition. Some respondents described having difficulties concentrating and remembering information.

A few respondents felt that online information videos could be 'patronising' and 'impersonal'.

What information would be useful in video

Most respondents said they would find the following useful:

  • A video explaining each benefit
  • A video explaining how a face to face assessment will work
  • A video explaining how to apply
  • A video explaining how decisions are made on applications
  • A video explaining redetermination and appeals
  • A video explaining how to notify Social Security Scotland about a change of circumstances

Respondents also suggested it would be useful to have videos explaining:

  • what the application questions are asking and an example of what the answer should be
  • how some benefits are linked to other benefits
  • what reasonable adjustments are available
  • who has access to personal medical information
  • different stages of the application process



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