Social Security Experience Panels: inclusive communication - visual summary

This visual summary outlines the results a survey and 9 focus groups with Experience Panel members, which asked about their views on various aspects of communication including applying for a benefit, getting help with an application and online information videos.

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About the research

  • 2170 Invites
  • 438 Survey responses
  • The research took place in August 2019
  • 9 Focus groups
  • 8 Locations

The research asked Experience Panel members views on:

  • Applying for a benefit
  • General communication preferences
  • Getting help with a benefit application
  • Online information videos

Participants were aged between 25 – 79 years old

37% Man or boy

63% Woman or girl

83% lived in an urban location

17% lived in an rural location

Participants took part in 31 out of 32 local authority areas

Most survey participants had a disability or long term health condition (87%), including:

  • chronic pain
  • severe hearing impairments
  • severe visual impairments
  • other kinds of long term health condition

Almost half (49%) of survey participants were:

  • a carer due to old age,
  • a carer to a child, or
  • a carer to an adult.



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