Social Security Experience Panels: disability benefit names

Social Security Experience Panels members' views on renaming disability benefits when they are transferred from the UK Department for Work and Pensions to Social Security Scotland.

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'Something else' – Respondent alternative name suggestions for Disability Assistance for Older People

29 respondents suggested Attendance Allowance, 10 suggested Disability Assistance and six suggested Assistance for Older People.

Less than five respondents suggested the following names:

Attendance Support
Disability Allowance for Older People
Personal Assistance for Older People
Senior Disability Assistance
Senior Disability Support
(Older Peoples) Additional Support Allowance (OPASA)
65+ Disability Allowance
Ability Assistance for Older People
Ability Support
Access Assistance for Older People
Additional Support Needs for Older People
Additional Support Payment for Older People (APOP)
Adult Assistance for Mature
Age Related Allowance
All Assistance
Allowance for Extra Living Costs
Assistance for Carers
Assistance for Less Able Older People
Assistance for Older People with a Disability
Assistance Payment for Retired People Past State Pension Age
Attenders Allowance
Attending Allowance
Benefit for Mature People
Capability Retention Payment for Over 65s
Care and Mobility Assistance
Care Assistance for Older People
Care Assistance for Over 65s
Carers Allowance
Carers Support Allowance
Disability Allocation in Retirement
Disability Allowance
Disability Assistance (Older People)
Disability Assistance Entitlement for Over 65s
Disability Assistance for 65 Years Old/Over
Disability Assistance for Mature People
Disability Assistance for Pensioners
Disability Assistance for People Over 65
Disability Assistance for Senior Citizen
Disability Assistance for the Retired
Disability Assistance for Those over Retirement Age
Disability Assistance Pension
Disability Assistance Retired
Disability Care
Disability Fund for People Over 65
Disability Living Allowance
Disability Living Allowance for Mature Folk
Disability Living Assistance
Disability Payment
Disability Rebate - Older People
Disability Social Fund
Disability Support for Older People
Disabled Older Citizens Payment
Employment Entitlement
Enabled Assistance
Equality Allowance for Disabled Senior Citizens
Equitable Assistance
Financial Assistance for Older Adults Requiring Extra Help
Financial Assistance for Pension Age People that need Care
Functionality Assistance for People Older than 65
Help For Older People
Homecarer and Enhanced Payment for Elderly
Illness Assistance
Independence Allowance
Independent Living Support
Living Assistance for Older People
Money for Help for Older People with Illness/Mobility Issues
Older People Additional Allowance
Ongoing Assistance for Older People
Part-Time Home Care for People past Retirement Age Benefit
Pensioners Disability Assistances
Personal Assistance Allowance
Personal Living Payment
Retirement Care, Elderly Support, Elderly Community Care, Retirement Support Superannuation Scheme
Senior Additional Assistance
Senior Assistance
Senior Daily Care Payment
Senior Scot PIP
Seniors Support Payment
Support Allowance
Support for Living
Support for Older People
Support Living Allowance for Older People
Supported Assistance for Adults
Xtra Assistance for Older People

How to access background or source data

The data collected for this social research publication:

☐ Are available in more detail through Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics.

☒ May be made available on request, subject to consideration of legal and ethical factors. Please contact for further information.

☐ Cannot be made available by Scottish Government for further analysis as Scottish Government is not the data controller.



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