Social Security Experience Panels: disability benefit names

Social Security Experience Panels members' views on renaming disability benefits when they are transferred from the UK Department for Work and Pensions to Social Security Scotland.

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'Something else' – Respondent alternative name suggestions for Disability Assistance for Working Age People

34 respondents suggested Personal Independence Payment, 12 suggested Disability Assistance, 11 suggested Disability Living Allowance and five suggested Assistance for Working Age People.

Less than five respondents suggested the following names:

Adult Disability Assistance
Disability Assistance (Adult)
Disability Assistance for Adults
Disability Allowance for Working Age People
Disability Support Allowance
Personal Independence Allowance
Working Age Help
(Working Age Peoples) Additional Support Allowance (WAPASA)
A Living Support Allowance
Ability Support
Access Assistance for Working Age People
Accessibility Assistance for Adults
Accessibility Assistance for Working Age People
Additional Support Payment for Adults (APA)
Adult Additional Assistance
Adult Assistance
Adult Assistance Allowance
Adult Assisted Living
Adult Independence Assistance
Adult Independence Living Allowance
Assistance for Adults with Disabilities
Assistance for Differently Abled
Assistance for Disabled Working People
Assistance for People with Disabilities
Assistance for Working Age People with a Disability
Assistance for Working People (AWAP)
Assisted Living for Challenging Lives
ASSN (Additional Support Needs) for Adults
Capability Development Payment for 25s - 65s
Care and Mobility Assistance
Condition Specific Assistance for Non Retired People Aged 16 And Over
Dignity Assist Payment
Disability Allocation
Disability Allowance
Disability Assistance (With Stated Age Group)
Disability Assistance Aid (DAA)
Disability Assistance or Disability Assistance Entitlement for 18 to 65s or for Adults
Disability Assistance Payment
Disability before Retirement Age Benefits
Disability Benefit
Disability Empowerment Payment
Disability Enhanced Payment for Employment
Disability Equality Allowance
Disability Equality Allowance for Working-Age People
Disability Independence Payments
Disability Living Allowance for Working Aged People
Disability Living Assistance
Disability Social Allowance
Disability Support and Assistance
Disability Support Entitlement
Disability Support for Working Age
Disability Support Payment
Disabled Assistance
Disabled Citizens Payment
DLA Helping You to Help You
Enabled Assistance
Enablement Payments
Enhancing the Ability for Working Age People that need support to stay independent
Essential Support
Financial Aid to Improve Independence or Ability
Financial Assistance for Adults with a Disability
Financial Assistance for Disabled Working Age People
Financial Support for Disabled Adults
Functionality Assistance
Heath Assistance Benefit for Adults
Illness/Mobility Money for Working Age People
Independence Benefit (IB)
Independence Help
Independence Payment
Independent Living Assistance
Independent Support for Working Age People
Life Elevation for Working Age People
Living Assistance for Adults
Living Assistance for Working Age People
Peoples Disability Assistance
Personal Assistance Allowance
Personal Assistance for Disability
Personal Assistance for Working Age People
Personal Independence
Personal Independence Assistance
Personal Independence Enabler
Personal Independence Money for Working Age People and Pensioners
Personal Living Support
Scotpersonal Independence Payment
Social Welfare/Social Security Welfare/Scottish Social Welfare/or Support/or Security
Special Financial Assistance for Impairment
Support and Assistance
Support for Living
Supported Assistance for Adults
Working Age Aid
Working Age Benefit
Working Age Disability Assistance
Working Age Disability Rights Fund
Working Age Payment
Working Age People Additional Assistance



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