Social Security Experience Panels: Carer's Allowance Supplement - experiences

This report outlines the research on the surveys conducted with experience panel members who have experience of Carer’s Allowance, to get some feedback on their experience of Carer’s Allowance Supplement.

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How has getting this extra money helped you?

Financial Ease

Respondents were asked how the money had helped them. Respondents talked about what they had spent the money on and their mental wellbeing. The money had helped respondents to pay for necessities they had needed but couldn’t afford. Respondents mentioned specific items such as wheelchairs, medical essentials, debts, heating for the winter, and household repairs. 

“It helped with heating and weekly messages”

“getting my tooth fixed….used to buy glasses which I badly needed”

“it allowed me to pay for bills that would have been a struggle to pay”

A number of respondents spoke about how the December payment helped them during the Christmas period.

“It helped pay for Christmas presents for my family”

“It helped me organise Christmas without debt or stress”

A couple of respondents talked about the money making them feel more secure and allowed them to have money in the bank in case of emergencies.

“I spent a wee bit more on Christmas than I usually do, and put the rest in the bank”


Respondents also spoke about the positive impact that receiving the letter and payment had on them. They felt it had more of an impact on their mental wellbeing and health rather than their finances. 

“Getting the letter and money helped financially of course but it also gives you an emotional boost”

“Financially- not so much. Psychologically- greatly helped”

“Increasing my wellbeing, less financial worries. Feeling valued”

Respondents stated that the payment had a good impact on their mental wellbeing especially during the Christmas period, as it reduced their stress and was a great help.

“It allowed for a bit more of a relaxed Christmas without worrying so much about money. It came at a very welcome time”

“Took most stress away in December”



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