Social Security experience panels: carer benefits - main report

Outlines the Social Security experience panel's views expressed in a survey to help design carer benefits in Scotland.


The Scottish Government is becoming responsible for some of the benefits currently delivered by the Department for Work and Pensions. As part of the work to prepare for this change, the Scottish Government set up the Social Security Experience Panels. Over 2,400 people from across Scotland who have recent experience of at least one of the benefits coming to Scotland registered as Experience Panel members during the launch in 2017.

The Scottish Government is working with Experience Panel members to design a new social security system that works for the people of Scotland.

From 2nd December to 23rd December 2019, Scottish Government researchers conducted a survey to help design carer benefits in Scotland. This report outlines the findings from this survey. All quotes are from panel members taken from the survey responses.

The survey asked about people's experiences of applying for and receiving the existing Carer's Allowance benefit. It also looked at how a new benefit for carers of more than one disabled child or young person under the age of 18 should be designed. The questions were informed by responses to the 2016 consultation on Social Security in Scotland. The survey also built on work carried out in 2019 to hear feedback from more than 100 carers through the Scottish Government's Carer Benefits Advisory Group. This work looked at the proposed extra payment for carers of more than one disabled child. The Scottish Government estimates that there are around 1,900 people in receipt of Carer's Allowance in Scotland who have caring responsibilities for more than one disabled child (under the age of 18).



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