Experience Panels: branding of Social Security Scotland

Findings from research into Social Security Scotland’s name and logo, and branding and wording guidance.

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What’s Next?

Experience Panel feedback was central to the naming of the new Executive Agency established to deliver devolved benefits.

This feedback – along with ongoing user research – has shaped the brand guidelines that outline how Social Security Scotland should visually present itself and speak to people.

Much of the feedback received demonstrates that Social Security Scotland is moving in the right direction with the development of its identity.

We have also stressed that photos should be of ‘real people’ wherever possible and should represent the full range of people in Scotland – who we are here to serve.

Work is underway to commission original photography. We are working with stakeholders to identify people who will use our service and who are happy to appear in our communications and marketing products.

People’s preference on language has been incorporated into the brand guidelines. However, this will be an iterative process and as we continue to test the use of the language in the body of materials, we will learn, adapt and improve.

The Scottish Government will continue to work with the Experience Panels in the development of Scotland’s new social security system. This will include further research on individual benefits in addition to cross-cutting work to assist in the development of Social Security Scotland.


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