Social Security Experience Panels: annual report 2022

Fifth annual report from the Social Security Experience Panels programme, covering the key activities and outputs from 2022.

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Plans for 2023

Experience Panels research will continue in 2023. Research will cover:

  • Possible future changes to Adult Disability Payment in line with the review of this benefit
  • Support for people with experience of industrial injuries
  • Support for pension age disabled people
  • A review of Social Security Scotland's "Our Charter" and the "Charter Measurement Framework"
  • More user research to help with the development and testing of Social Security Scotland's services and benefits, including Scottish Carer's Assistance

We also plan to carry out research with seldom heard carers – by which we mean carers who may not be well represented on the Experience Panels. This is to further support work to develop Scottish Carer's Assistance, following research to inform the development of this benefit with Experience Panel members in 2022.



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