Brexit: social and equality impacts

This independent report focuses on some of the potential social and equality impacts of Brexit.

Equalities Groups: Case Studies

This section provides greater detail and analysis on how particular equalities groups may be impacted by Brexit, by considering three case studies on (1) women, (2) disabled people, and (3) people from a minority ethnic background.

The analysis aims to consider three types of impacts:

  • impacts on legal rights;
  • impacts on public services and funding; and
  • impacts on employment, housing and spending/consumer rights.

Each case study furthermore considers the legal and socioeconomic impacts which are most likely to happen under each Brexit scenario (hard, softer, no-trade deal) and the extent to which each group may be resilient to such impacts.

Given the short timescale to produce this report, it is important to note that this analysis is not comprehensive, and there may be other impacts that have not been anticipated here.



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