Social Care Eligibility Criteria And Waiting Times, Scotland, 2020-21

This publication presents the latest information on new clients meeting eligibility criteria for social care support, and the waiting times between first contact, completion of a community care assessment and delivery of a new personal care service.

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6. Non-Official Statistics

This is the first report produced to aid the understanding of the annually published data tables for Eligibility Criteria and Waiting Times. Data up to 2018 were available in Excel table format only.

Public Health Scotland (PHS) are developing plans to capture waiting times data within existing Social Care collections returned to PHS. This will be the penultimate release of this data by the Scottish Government using the existing collection format, with data for 2022 published later in 2022.

Correspondence and enquiries

This statistics release was published on 10th May 2022. Further details and analysis are available on request from the following address:

Jan Young

Health & Social Care Analysis Division

Scottish Government

0131 244 6261


For general enquiries about Scottish Government statistics please contact:

Office of the Chief Statistician, Telephone: (0131) 244 8332,


How to access background or source data

A spreadsheet accompanying this statistical release with the background data can be accessed via the Social Care Analysis page on the Scottish Government website.

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